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Content is the foundation of your online presence and ultimately the road to getting new clients and customers. Content Creation Coach helps you reach more people and make a bigger impact.

Ready to expand your reach and increase your impact and income? My simple strategy makes your content creation more effective. Unlike others, we also go beyond strategy to tap into your creativity, your authentic approach that makes your content unique, and therefore more impactful.

Business is all about relationships, and content is how you connect.

What are you creating next to grow your business?



Get started by downloading free stuff to help with your website content, topic ideas, lead magnets and more. It’s like a waterpark in there! 😉



Spend one day with me and walk away with a clear plan, content pieces, topics, and the mindset and inspiration to bring out the content creator in you!



The “waterpark” strategy explains everything. Ok, maybe not everything, but how to succeed online. Need some clarity?


I love collaborating with Sarah. She is very knowledgeable and always has great ideas to share. She has elevated my business to a level that I could have not achieved without her.

– Kerri Balliet, Red Barron Coaching


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Inspiration from the blog


Content That Dances

  • Choreograph Your Marketing Message
  • Create Connections
  • Make a Difference

Content is the dance that every business must join. Those standing on the side of the dance floor will get left behind. Learn what it takes to create a real impact through content, and choreograph a strategy or your business. What’s your next step?


“One of the greatest benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.” 

Sarah Schwab
Author, Content That Dances
Founder, Content Creation Coach