I feel supported to share more of myself

“Since starting with Content Creation Coach, I have been writing content and released three newsletters in three weeks!!! This is a first for me. I was stuck (and sent out nothing) for nine months. I feel energized and excited. I had a client today as a result of my newsletter and I know more will come. I feel supported to share more of myself and know that this connection with others will bring more joy to both of us and our work together, and since they know and trust me, they will feel good about sharing more of themselves. Sarah is warm, caring, intelligent and knows her stuff! I am really enjoying the course. I love the exercises and look forward to them. Thanks Sarah!!!”

– Laurece West, Laurece West Studios

Changed my mindset in how to market my company

“In a small but growing business where everyone is expected to do a little bit of everything, marketing was the one area that was always shoved aside. We don’t have a marketing director so we have done the mimimum to get by. Our business has begun to grow exponentially so that practice isn’t an option anymore. Sarah’s Content Creation program has challenged me to change my mindset in how to market my company and how to get the most value from the content that I put out to my customers. Thank you Sarah!”

– Lisa Navis Schwab, Raffel Systems

What we produced represented me and my work perfectly

“Sarah has been a godsend. She knows how to construct elegant email marketing campaigns.  More than that, though, and most importantly, she knows how to listen to me as the client, really hearing my short and long term goals.  She knew exactly how to work with my lack of skill to guide me in writing the material for the marketing campaigns and the free offer.

Sarah guided me with kindness, deep listening, gentle firmness, and attention to timeliness.  The free offer and email campaign we produced represented me and my work perfectly, adding an elegance and connection to everyday living that I had not been able to accomplish on my own.  This is priceless.”

– Deborah Merchant, METApoints

I didn’t have a website...

“Before working with Sarah, I didn’t have a website and my only marketing was referrals. Sarah worked with us to redefine our goals and update our marketing strategies. She guided us through a rebranding. After several meetings brainstorming our vision, she wrote content and produced a video for our new website. She was instrumental in the development of additional marketing materials, that truly encapsulate the essence of my construction business.

Sarah skillfully took the helm of my ship and successfully turned it around 180 degrees. We now have a clear vision of where we are going as well as succinct goals and objectives to accomplish. Our marketing is much more content orientated and we are targeting a much larger market with larger projects in view.

It has been very easy to work with Sarah. She is very insightful and intuitive. Her own creativity encourages the creativity of others. She is able to see the vision even before I did and was able to convey what she saw to me. Her caring spirit and generous nature serve to guide her work and fuel her passion for success. I know my business would never be where it is today without her”

-Jim Stout, JDS Builders

This has lasting value

“Before working with Sarah in the Content Creation Jump Start program, I was creating content for a blog in 3 languages, usually a very last minute effort. Now Sarah has pointed a way out of this stress by showing me some tools for managing my content goals and for content creation itself.

This course was a very well structured, offering VERY MUCH value and content, despite the limited time.  The assignments were great triggers for thought and inspiration. I keep coming back to them over and over again because they have lasting value.

Sarah’s style is informal and relaxed, yet so focused and professional. I felt like I was just listening to a great conversation when I suddenly realized that the past 2-3 minutes had been packed with great learning and advice!”

– Hanne Brøter, Hanne’s Idea

Now we hit our content goals on a regular basis

“Prior to working with Sarah Schwab at Content Creation Coach, we had great ideas – but inconsistent execution. We knew what we want to say and what we wanted to do – but whether it was completing the day to day marketing on our own, or working with other companies – it tended to fall to the bottom of the to-do list and tended to get off-track.

Sarah helped us create a system to ensure we hit our content goals on a regular basis. Her insight into lead generating content and campaign management have been extremely helpful. Having a plan, along with the exact content we will be focusing on makes it easy to create great, lead generating content.

Sarah is a focused individual, who puts forth the effort and time to ensure that a final, polished product is delivered each and every time. We can count on her to keep us engaged and on track, and to get the job done on schedule.”

-Mike Carroll, Intelligent Conversations

I was scattered about putting what I do into words

“Before I worked with Sarah I was scattered about putting into words who my ideal client was, what they needed and how best I could help them.  I tended to come more from what I thought they would or should want and not precisely what they actually want.  Through working with Sarah I was able to identify the words that my client might use and thus see themselves as someone who I can help by better articulating what their problems are and how I can help them solve their problems.

I had a totally different idea of what would be a good Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) for capturing emails.  After working with Sarah I developed an IFO that has valuable content tailor made to address my ideal client’s problems.  Having an ideal-client-focused IFO increases the percent of opt-ins for my email list building.  If they implement my IFO suggestions and experience success with their health improvement, I will be building my credibility and trust factor.

Going forward I have a better understanding of how to write copy that speaks to my ideal client, which is invaluable.  I highly recommend working with Sarah to build your base for your marketing message because everything stands stronger on a solid rock, not sinking sand.”

Joan Zietlow RN, BSN, CHHC, AADP; VibrantHealthAndHealing.com

I can actually speak about what I do clearer

“Before working with Sarah, I had a sales page that was up but not performing. I worked very hard and for a very long time on it and thought it was great. I am no professional but I thought I had something that can generate some income. I had the page up for months and had no conversions.  Sarah took a look at it and showed me all the areas I was missing clarity. I was trying really hard to talk about results, but I was to close to my product and she got me to distill it down to just what the client gets. THE RESULTS.  Now I have a clear, much better looking sales page and copy, and anyone can understand what I am offering and what they will receive from it. Best of all, now that I have done this, I can actually speak about what I do clearer and with the benefits up front.”

Patrick Lerouge, EVOLVE Restorative Therapy