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Content Creation As A Practice Rather Than A “To Do”

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You’ve heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Well, I don’t really believe in perfection when it comes to creativity, but I do believe in practice. Creating content consistently takes practice.

But practice can mean something else as well. As a noun, it describes a habit or something that is done repeatedly, like a yoga practice or a meditation practice.

I love the idea of having a Content Creation Practice. It just means showing up, and doesn’t carry the same expectations as other items on your To Do list. “Write a blog article” is a To Do item at which you can succeed or fail. But taking time for your Content Creation Practice allows you the freedom to get into the flow.

How A Practice Is Different

Just like with yoga or meditation, not everyday will be inspired. Sometimes you will be distracted or tight. But, it is through showing up consistently that you reap the benefits, training your mind so that you can more easily tap into your creativity and inspiration.

With a practice, you don’t expect to reach a “pinnacle” right away. It inherently means that it takes time and dedication to make changes. You aren’t going to fold yourself into an advanced arm balancing pose or touch your foot to to the back of your head in your first yoga class – or ever! You don’t reach enlightenment after a week of meditating. The transformation is slow because the changes involve our brains, which are often stubborn and stuck in their ways.

When something is a “practice” it means just that. We sit down to practice. So rather than asking yourself whether you succeeded at accomplishing a task, ask “did I practice well today?”

My Summer Practices

Interestingly, my crazy summer schedule has caused my practices to get interrupted. I hadn’t meditated or done yoga for weeks, and I failed to write a new blog article for a while as well. (I filled in with videos I had shot previously or by repurposing old articles).

So, this week I recommitted to my practices. I found a new yoga class on Saturday morning that fits into my summer routine. It was an advanced class, and I am still sore! I am also reinstating my morning meditation, which means waking up 15 minutes earlier. And now I am here, in a new content creation space, practicing my writing.

Committing to a practice – any kind of practice – is not easy. No one said it would be! But the rewards are incredible.

Having time during which my only goal is to try to empty my mind of the constant running chatter, stress, and to dos has huge impacts on my mental and physical well-being. It’s about clearing out other thoughts so you can really focus on something, whether it’s a mantra, getting your leg to point toward the ceiling, or writing a blog article. And while you are focusing on it, your mind gets to reset and maybe, just maybe, have the freedom to tap into something bigger.

Do you have any practices in your life? Is content creation one of them? How do they affect your life? Let me know in the comments.

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