Who you are

You have started your own business, and have an excellent service to offer. You are creative and motivated, and you are in it for the long haul. You have great ideas, and you want to share them with the world and be recognized for them. You want to be compensated for your ideas through your business and your work. Ideally, you would love to have clients coming to you who already know about your philosophy and are in alignment with it. Those clients could come from anywhere, since you can work with people from around the world. (Maybe you already do!) You know you have to lay a solid foundation for your business to really grow into what you want it to become.

What your issues tend to be

You want to grow your business and you need to expand your client base. A good chunk of your clientele is in the under-45 age bracket, and you know they are looking online for… everything. But, you aren’t getting enough online visitors and haven’t been able to turn them into paying clients.

You are trying your hand at a number of different marketing activities, but it feels disconnected, and you aren’t getting the results you would like. You see others posting articles and sending e-mails, and it is frustrating because you know you should be doing that! Instead, what you are sending out is not working, if you are sending anything at all. Your current marketing materials are not personal and don’t provide enough value. That’s partially because you have trouble articulating your message clearly, and haven’t really been putting it out there. Without a solid online presence, you are really only getting clients one at a time.

What you need most right now

You need to break your message down into small pieces that you can more easily communicate and your prospects can benefit from. You need to cultivate a content creation habit in order to build a foundation of content that can attract your ideal clients. You need to build a list of contacts by capturing information from your current clients, website visitors, and other networking contacts. Then, you need to communicate with them in ways that engage them in your business and make them want to come back.

Your website has to start doing more than just telling people about yourself and your business and giving them your phone number. It has to give them value, capture their information, and DO something with that information. Stop waiting for the phone to ring, and start building relationships with everyone you come into contact with, or who finds you online.

Content creation is the foundation on which your ability to market and grow your business depends. Check out my Content Creation Jump Start program or my private coaching packages to see how I can help you reach your goals!

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