What Makes A Great Topic?

Have you ever wanted (or had) to create something for your business, like a blog article, or something for the newsletter, or maybe a webinar or special piece to attract some leads? You have lots of places you can share it, and you know it would be great to share some value. But you […]

Find Your Big Magic

I’ve followed Liz Gilbert’s recent work on creativity for over a year, and her ideas resonate deeply with me.

At the heart of it all is her book “Big Magic,” which I finally finished a few weeks ago. It brought me to tears, and I hope you will read it for yourself (if you haven’t […]

How Much Should You Polish Your Content?

When does polishing your content make it better, and when is it just a waste of time or something that holds you back?

Today’s video gives you two things to consider when you are deciding how much to polish your content, as well as a story to illustrate the decision…



Where do you fall on the “polished […]

How To Be More Interesting

In order to write or create interesting things, you have to BE interesting.

Trying to come up with exciting content or to make your content more interesting is hard to do if you are sitting in your house or your office and living a boring life.

That may sound harsh, but the truth is that people […]

Do You Feel Safe Enough To Create?

When you ask a kid to draw something, they just do it. They scribble it down and proudly show it to you, whether it actually looks like the thing or not.

They’ll happily answer any questions you have about it.

“So, what is that?”

“That’s the head”

“The head is green?”


Adults, on the other hand, are totally different. […]

Do I Have To Write Something Again This Week?

Can I be totally honest with you?

I don’t want to write this blog article right now.

I’m exhausted. My mind is weary from a week of traveling and long hours.

I thought about just skipping it. You probably wouldn’t even notice, right? I’ll come back to it again next week.

But here’s the thing. I committed to doing […]

How To Get Out Of Creative Isolation

For some people, sitting down at the computer alone with the goal of writing something – anything – is painful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog article, a page for your website, an email, an e-book… the feeling is the same.

It’s isolating.

It brings up your self-doubt.

It makes you want to go hang out […]

A Great Trick To Spice Up Your Content

Are your blog articles getting boring? Need to spice it up a little?

This is a common occurrence for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that start writing content consistently. After a while, they realize they are stuck in a rut. They are writing about similar things in the same way.

Yuck. That isn’t going […]

Proof Of The Power Of Writing

For a long time I’ve believed in the power of writing, not just to communicate to others, but to benefit you – the writer.

Now there is research to back it up.

Jordan Peterson teaches in the department of psychology at the University of Toronto, and is the founder of SelfAuthoring.com. Like me, he is fascinated […]

What To Write About This Time


You are committed to putting out content consistently (or you should be!). Your followers and prospects need to hear from you on a regular basis to build the trust and relationship that leads to deeper engagement.

That means you need to write something… again.

But you just aren’t sure what to write about this time.

First of […]