Three Steps To Creating Content (Or Anything!)

There are three steps to every content project. I work through these steps with my clients when we are developing funnels, creating newsletters and blogs, doing website content. My Online Course Creation Group follows these steps in order to build an online course in 90 days.

The three steps are: Plan, Create, Build

Watch the video […]

Important vs. Urgent

Important vs. Urgent. How do you decide? According to Dictionary.com, Important means of great significance or consequence, while urgent means compelling or requiring immediate action. Both demand your attention.

Here are some examples of each:

Urgent Items

Meeting a crucial deadline for a key opportunity
Dealing with a critical HR issue
Responding to false online claims

Important […]

How To Get Back On The Content Bandwagon

Have you fallen off the bandwagon of creating content? Feeling like you lost your momentum? Finding it hard to create your next blog post or e-newsletter?

I hear you!

I have spent the past couple of weeks getting myself back into the swing of things and creating some great content, and I want to help you do […]

Step Into The Light

It happened again.

I talk about vulnerability a lot. I really believe it is at the core of what we are trying to do. It’s how we truly connect to other people through our content.

But somehow it always seems to get buried in the details about blogging or opt-ins or launches. We’re focused on our […]

How Much Should You Polish Your Content?

When does polishing your content make it better, and when is it just a waste of time or something that holds you back?

Today’s video gives you two things to consider when you are deciding how much to polish your content, as well as a story to illustrate the decision…



Where do you fall on the “polished […]

It’s Not About You: How Helping Others Changes Everything

It was the day before my first live event. I had a group of people coming to spend 2 days with me. I had promised creative inspiration, education and productivity.

To say I was a little nervous is an understatement.

I was running some last minute errands, and my phone rang. It was Kendra.*

Kendra is a […]

Free Yourself With Time Goals

How to keep your content creation projects (and your other tasks) from taking over your schedule and your life.

When To Create Content

When is the best time to create content? I have a suggestion in today’s video…

Are you going to take the challenge? When do you create content? Leave a comment and let me know!

You ARE Creative, It’s A Capacity Not A Skill

“To say ‘Creative People’ is redundant.” – Elizabeth Gilbert
Too often, people claim that they just aren’t creative.

Maybe you’ve said that about yourself?

Hooey I say!

Creativity is a human trait. It is a capacity that is built into our DNA.

There is a stereotypical image of a “Creative Type,” and it usually looks like an artist or […]

Exercise Your Content Creation Muscle

I have recently taken up a new exercise routine. I have a membership at a gym. For a long time I have been going about twice a week on average, which is pretty good. (Better than nothing!) But it meant driving to the gym, and fitting it into my schedule at the times of […]