Simplify to Amplify Your Content

For some reason, when a lot of people sit down to create content, they turn into lawyers. They use big words and long sentences that they would never actually say out loud. It actually requires extra brain power to process what they are trying to communicate.

That’s when you lose people!

At a recent Downstream Business […]

What Makes A Great Topic?

Have you ever wanted (or had) to create something for your business, like a blog article, or something for the newsletter, or maybe a webinar or special piece to attract some leads? You have lots of places you can share it, and you know it would be great to share some value. But you […]

Overcome Obstacles and Use What You’ve Got.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t have all the things you thought you needed in order to complete it? We all have!

“I can’t shoot that video because I don’t have a high-quality wireless microphone.”

“I can’t put up my website because I don’t have a logo that communicates my message […]

Want More Followers? Make Sure Your Blog Is Evolving

If you have ever followed a blog for a year or more, you know that it evolves over time.

The topics change, the writing style adjusts, the situation of the blogger’s life and business develops.

In fact, seeing that evolution over time is a big part of what makes following a particular blog or person online […]

The Power of Collaborating Through Content

One of the great benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.

Partnering with others broadens your reach, exposing you and your business to new audiences.

These kinds of collaborative projects are sometimes called Joint Venture Partnerships, and they always involve the delivery of content.

There are a few ways […]

Getting Clients Online: The Missing Link

All too often, I see businesses with a great product or service trying to sell it directly through e-mail or social media.

What’s wrong with that you ask?

It doesn’t work very well, that’s what.

Don’t get me wrong. Online marketing is an incredibly powerful way to grow your business and get in front of lots more […]

Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With E-mail Marketing?

A lot of entrepreneurs and businesses like the idea of e-mail marketing because of it’s effectiveness. They want to build their list and be able to sell to thousands of people with the click of a button.

Then again, many businesses shy away from e-mail marketing because of other associations they have with it. Maybe […]

Get Moving!

We all get stuck in our heads – dwelling on something, trying to push through a mental block, attempting to force creativity. Here’s my favorite strategy to change your perspective and get things flowing again…

When it comes to movement, what’s your favorite way to get active? What kinds of challenges do you have around […]

Why Your E-mail Newsletter Isn’t “Working”

So, you have been sending an e-mail newsletter consistently for a while now. You spend a fair amount of time and energy to get it out regularly. But, you aren’t really making any money from it.

You include offers and descriptions of your services, but (almost) no one is buying. It’s not working!

Or is it?

This […]

The Funnel – Marketing Strategy or Waterpark Ride?

There is a lot of talk about marketing funnels. It’s a great visual explanation of how content marketing works. You put a lot of people in at the top; you educate them, connect with them and make an offer; and the ones who are attracted to you and are interested in your services come […]