Content Marketing

What Makes A Great Topic?

Have you ever wanted (or had) to create something for your business, like a blog article, or something for the newsletter, or maybe a webinar or special piece to attract some leads? You have lots of places you can share it, and you know it would be great to share some value. But you […]

Choosing a Platform For Your Online Course

I’ve been looking into a lot of the options for online course hosting, and there seems to be a new one popping up every week! It’s getting to be like e-mail marketing platforms, where there are literally hundreds to choose from.

The good thing is that, if you are looking for basic functionality, a crowded […]

What Your Online Course Could Look Like

Having an online course or program can transform your business. It gives you something to offer everyone that comes your way. It allows you to work with lots more people without taking up all of your time. It’s a great funnel for your higher level work. And it brings more money to your business.

On […]

It’s All Worth It When…

Creating and sharing content can be challenging. But it can also be incredibly impactful and rewarding!

I talk about the difficulties a lot, and how to overcome them. I help my clients get past their blocks, handle the technical issues, deal with the statistical challenges, and answer their questions about topics, formats, strategy and more.

So […]

If Frankenstein Was A Blogger

As business owners who are building an online platform, we are a bit like Viktor Frankenstein building his “monster.” My daughter is reading Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” in her seventh grade English class, and it got me thinking.

Every blog article is sort of like a single part of the body – an ear, a nose, […]

Overcome Obstacles and Use What You’ve Got.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t have all the things you thought you needed in order to complete it? We all have!

“I can’t shoot that video because I don’t have a high-quality wireless microphone.”

“I can’t put up my website because I don’t have a logo that communicates my message […]

Three Places Your Content Is Stalled (And What To Do About It)

There are a lot of people who want to create and share great content, but they aren’t doing it. I know because I work with a lot of them!

They haven’t posted anything on their website in a while.

Their list hasn’t gotten an e-mail in ages.

The webinar or e-book they want to create is just not happening.

Can […]

Getting Back To The Heart And Humanity Of Online Marketing

So much of online marketing has become cliché. It feels like it’s all about tactics and conversions, and somehow we have lost our humanity along the way.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it.

And our consumers are tired of it too.

I believe in the potential of the internet to connect us to […]

The Power of Collaborating Through Content

One of the great benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.

Partnering with others broadens your reach, exposing you and your business to new audiences.

These kinds of collaborative projects are sometimes called Joint Venture Partnerships, and they always involve the delivery of content.

There are a few ways […]

The Marriage of Content and E-mail

E-mail is an integral part of Content Marketing. And good content is critical for successful e-mail marketing.

They go hand in hand.

You can’t have one without the other.

I imagine it like a cheesy romance story…


E-mail marketing:   I need you, Content!

Content:                    (blushing) Oh E-mail! You have such strong… connections. And such a large… list.

E-mail marketing:   Yes, but […]