Content Creation

Overcome Obstacles and Use What You’ve Got.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t have all the things you thought you needed in order to complete it? We all have!

“I can’t shoot that video because I don’t have a high-quality wireless microphone.”

“I can’t put up my website because I don’t have a logo that communicates my message […]

How To Get Back On The Content Bandwagon

Have you fallen off the bandwagon of creating content? Feeling like you lost your momentum? Finding it hard to create your next blog post or e-newsletter?

I hear you!

I have spent the past couple of weeks getting myself back into the swing of things and creating some great content, and I want to help you do […]

Want More Followers? Make Sure Your Blog Is Evolving

If you have ever followed a blog for a year or more, you know that it evolves over time.

The topics change, the writing style adjusts, the situation of the blogger’s life and business develops.

In fact, seeing that evolution over time is a big part of what makes following a particular blog or person online […]

Three Places Your Content Is Stalled (And What To Do About It)

There are a lot of people who want to create and share great content, but they aren’t doing it. I know because I work with a lot of them!

They haven’t posted anything on their website in a while.

Their list hasn’t gotten an e-mail in ages.

The webinar or e-book they want to create is just not happening.

Can […]

Get Real: What It Truly Takes To Succeed Online

We are living in an age of instant gratification.

We want what we want, and we want it NOW.

It’s true there are some areas where we can get that, but online marketing is not one of them.

Yes, getting instant results sometimes seems possible. There are articles or videos that go viral. You’ve seen others doing […]

How Much Should You Polish Your Content?

When does polishing your content make it better, and when is it just a waste of time or something that holds you back?

Today’s video gives you two things to consider when you are deciding how much to polish your content, as well as a story to illustrate the decision…



Where do you fall on the “polished […]

Getting Back To The Heart And Humanity Of Online Marketing

So much of online marketing has become cliché. It feels like it’s all about tactics and conversions, and somehow we have lost our humanity along the way.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it.

And our consumers are tired of it too.

I believe in the potential of the internet to connect us to […]

How To Be More Interesting

In order to write or create interesting things, you have to BE interesting.

Trying to come up with exciting content or to make your content more interesting is hard to do if you are sitting in your house or your office and living a boring life.

That may sound harsh, but the truth is that people […]

The Power of Collaborating Through Content

One of the great benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.

Partnering with others broadens your reach, exposing you and your business to new audiences.

These kinds of collaborative projects are sometimes called Joint Venture Partnerships, and they always involve the delivery of content.

There are a few ways […]

Dabble! You Have To Start Somewhere

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh
Content can take many forms. Of course it can be written, but now it can also be on video, podcasts, teleclasses, webinars, blabs, periscopes, the list goes on and […]