Monthly Archives: March 2016

How To Be More Interesting

In order to write or create interesting things, you have to BE interesting.

Trying to come up with exciting content or to make your content more interesting is hard to do if you are sitting in your house or your office and living a boring life.

That may sound harsh, but the truth is that people […]

The Power of Collaborating Through Content

One of the great benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.

Partnering with others broadens your reach, exposing you and your business to new audiences.

These kinds of collaborative projects are sometimes called Joint Venture Partnerships, and they always involve the delivery of content.

There are a few ways […]

It’s Not About You: How Helping Others Changes Everything

It was the day before my first live event. I had a group of people coming to spend 2 days with me. I had promised creative inspiration, education and productivity.

To say I was a little nervous is an understatement.

I was running some last minute errands, and my phone rang. It was Kendra.*

Kendra is a […]