Monthly Archives: October 2015

Where New Ideas Come From

Is there such thing as a completely original idea?

There is a school of thought that believes that there are no more (or incredibly few) original ideas anymore. Each new idea is really a combination of previous ideas. Everything is built on top of other people’s contributions.

It’s like old ideas are coming together to form […]

How To Be A Hero

Why do we love Heroes so much? Why do we watch movies and read books and listen to stories of people who overcome difficult situations? Who step into the battlefield and fight valiantly? Who face their fears and display courage, even when the odds are against them?


Because that’s who we all aspire to be.

Joseph […]

Do I Have To Write Something Again This Week?

Can I be totally honest with you?

I don’t want to write this blog article right now.

I’m exhausted. My mind is weary from a week of traveling and long hours.

I thought about just skipping it. You probably wouldn’t even notice, right? I’ll come back to it again next week.

But here’s the thing. I committed to doing […]