Monthly Archives: July 2015

When To Create Content

When is the best time to create content? I have a suggestion in today’s video…

Are you going to take the challenge? When do you create content? Leave a comment and let me know!

Why I Switched From Infusionsoft To Simplero

A few months ago, I left Infusionsoft.

I gave it two years, invested thousands of dollars, spent countless hours of setup, and went to user group meetings (I even filled in and ran one meeting!). I was constantly wondering, “Is Infusionsoft worth it?” Maybe you are wondering the same thing. In the end, I couldn’t […]

Can You Create On The Spot?

When it comes to creating something, are you a planner or an improviser?

In my work, I’ve started to distinguish between different creative approaches. Some people are much more comfortable with a well-planned and thought out process. Certain projects or situations necessitate this kind of approach.

Other people and circumstances call for a more spontaneous experience […]