Monthly Archives: April 2015

Is Your Energy Effecting Your Impact?

The energy you bring to the content you are writing becomes a part of it.

Will it draw people in and attract their attention?

Or will it simply feel like more empty words?

A big part of what determines that is your own state when you are writing. If you go kicking and screaming to your writing […]

Losing Touch? You Need A Retreat

I believe that entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor.

But sometimes it can feel more like a task factory than a creative outlet.

As you become a business-building machine, it’s easy to lose touch with your passion, lose sight of your vision, and even lose connection with the people you serve.

That’s tragic!

The kicker is that your passion […]

Why Your E-mail Newsletter Isn’t “Working”

So, you have been sending an e-mail newsletter consistently for a while now. You spend a fair amount of time and energy to get it out regularly. But, you aren’t really making any money from it.

You include offers and descriptions of your services, but (almost) no one is buying. It’s not working!

Or is it?

This […]