Monthly Archives: February 2015

4 Functions Of Online Marketing

In the end, all of us who are marketing our businesses online have one goal – attract more clients and customers to our business.

How do we do that? What role do all these online tools and platforms play? What about content? What works and what is a waste of time?

The way I see it, […]

I Made A Mistake, But I’m Still Here

I made a mistake.

It was more like a bad choice.

Without going into too much detail, I found myself in a very difficult situation. I felt like I had let people down. I had somehow justified it in my head, but when it really came down to it, it was just wrong.

It felt terrible (it […]

How To Start With WHY

The phenomenon of Simon Sinek’s book (and related TED Talk) “Start With WHY” has spread far and wide. His approach of connecting to a deeper WHY resonates with millions of people, but many still struggle to implement it in their own lives and businesses.

This book has had a tremendous impact on my own business […]