Monthly Archives: January 2015

What Are Your Content Assets?

Every business knows what its financial assets are. They show up on your balance sheet, and they are a huge part of the value of your business. But what about your content assets?

Since content is such a powerful tool (and also a jargon word, I know!) for attracting people to your business, it’s important […]

Planning To Get Consistent?

It happens all the time. A small business owner starts an e-newsletter, or sets up a Facebook page, or builds a blog with the best of intensions. They are enthusiastic and have lots of ideas. They are determined to post or write something every week.

But, after a little while, a week goes by without […]

Content Creation Is Critical – And 4 Strategies To Help You Do It

How do your clients learn about you before they hire you? How do they build the trust that is necessary for them to become a paying client? If the answer is from a couple of paragraphs on your website, that probably isn’t doing the job.

As you may know, the amount of time it takes […]

Giving Too Much Away?

When business owners start understanding the need to create content and what that means, it often leads to this common question:

I understand that providing valuable information for free attracts people to my business, but if I give away everything for free, no one will pay me. How much is too much?

While this is an […]