Monthly Archives: September 2014

Creativity vs. Resistance – Which Side Are You On?

There is a phenomenon that is well-known in creative and entrepreneurial circles. It is the fact that whenever we attempt to step out of our comfort zone, create something new, put ourselves “out there,” and express our true nature, there is a lot of crap that comes up. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s […]

WordPress And The Content Culture

WordPress is everywhere! There is a good chance your own website is built on a WordPress platform. The power of WordPress is that it allows you, the business owner, to update and add content once the site is built. But are you doing that?

I think many web developers would choose not to use WordPress […]

The Inside Benefits Of Content Creation

We all know that creating content is good for our business. But most of the time we focus only on the outward benefits of content. The fact that it attracts and builds relationships with prospective clients, it increases our traffic and our exposure, it builds our reputation as a go-to person in our field.

These […]