Monthly Archives: March 2014

Content Is The Missing Piece

Some businesses find the idea of creating content on a regular basis to be overwhelming and simply dismiss it, thinking they will stick with the “easier” forms of online marketing. However, the success of other online marketing tools are also becoming dependent on your ability to deliver content.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the marketing strategy […]

Keep It Simple – The Two Forms of Content

Many people get overwhelmed at the prospect of “creating content” because they don’t really understand what that means. They know there are lots of fancy ways to present things online, and don’t know anything about how to create them. But, when you break it down, content isn’t a complicated thing.

Two Forms of Content

Content really […]

It’s Just You And Me (or I)

Have you ever read a blog article, or the beginning of one, that made you want to fall asleep?

It might have been that you just weren’t the right target audience for it. But more than likely, it was because the author dove into jargon-y descriptions or theoretical ideas. It can feel aloof and disconnected.

That’s […]