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Designed For Speed

Many parts of content marketing are slow. It takes a long time to build up an effective library of content. Establishing relationships with people is not a fast process. The sales cycle can be many months, or as much as a year or more.

But there is one part of content marketing that requires speed.

See, […]

Content Creation Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

I believe strongly that creating compelling content is the best way to get lots of ideal clients to hire you… eventually.

But too many people come to me and they want to do a campaign for a service they are offering in a few weeks. They expect that by sending out a few e-mails, they […]

Content vs. Copy – What’s The Difference?

As a content creation coach, I am often mistaken for a copywriter. I am NOT a copywriter. For starters, copywriters write copy, not content. What’s the difference, you ask?

The difference is huge! And it could be the reason your content isn’t working. Here are five distinctions between content and copy that can help you determine if your […]

The Return Of English Majors (And The Rest Of Us!)

With the new culture of content, there is a shift in the kinds of skills that are necessary.

Garrison Keilor, who does the NPR show “A Prairie Home Companion” likes to make fun of English Majors for their lack of job prospects. (Even though he is one!) He invented a fictitious organization called POEM – […]