Monthly Archives: October 2013

Writers Block? Try Something New

I loved college. I was learning new things everyday, both inside and outside the classroom. I took everything from astronomy to modern dance. I got my first apartment and had to learn how to cook for myself and support myself. I took the opportunity to study abroad – in Zimbabwe! I joined groups and […]

YOUR Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Why are so many people afraid of their own picture? I’ve been to a few events recently, and I always have my camera with me. As a content marketer, I constantly need pictures of myself and of the organizations I work with for newsletters and posts. But so many people, women in particular, balk […]

The Skills You Need To Attract More Clients

Building relationships with individuals is something we do all the time. We may all do it a little differently, but it comes fairly naturally. When you are talking with someone face-to-face, or having a phone conversation, the process is familiar. There is a dialogue between people. You can ask questions, respond to their reactions, […]

Getting Personal, But Not Too Personal

The whole point of writing a blog, or sending an e-newsletter, or any form of content marketing is to build a relationship with the people who are reading it. In order to build a relationship, you have to share something about yourself.

Of course, the bulk of your content should showcase your expertise and […]

Content Marketing Takes Courage

Content marketing is hard for a lot of small businesses. There are many reasons people give for not putting out content broadly or consistently. It takes too much time. I’m not a good writer. I don’t know how.

But any time I hear someone explaining why they can’t (or won’t) do something that would clearly […]