Monthly Archives: September 2013

Such A Focus On Subject Lines

Why do you click on an e-mail from me? Or from anyone, for that matter?

A lot of e-mail markers out there obsess about subject lines. How can a subject line capture a reader’s attention? What can I say to make them click on it? I think there is a better approach, but first let […]

Please Unsubscribe

Not you, of course. I’m not talking to the loyal subscribers who enjoy my articles, who get some value from what I share, who at least open the e-mails to see what I’ve been up to this week.

I’m talking to those of you whose Inbox is overflowing with marketing e-mails from every store you […]

Consistency Requires Planning

It happens all the time. A small business owner starts an e-newsletter, or sets up a Facebook page, or builds a blog with the best of intensions. They are enthusiastic and have lots of ideas. They are determined to post or write something every week.

But, after a little while, a week goes by […]