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  • Growth Isn’t Linear - Have you ever seen the image where there are two ways to get from point A to point B? The first one is a long, winding, tangled line and the second is a nice, straight line? Whenever this image is used, it is to show that the second option is clearly better. It’s much shorter […]
  • What Makes A Great Topic? - Have you ever wanted (or had) to create something for your business, like a blog article, or something for the newsletter, or maybe a webinar or special piece to attract some leads? You have lots of places you can share it, and you know it would be great to share some value. But you aren’t […]
  • Treading Water Or Making A Splash? - It seems like a lot of businesses are treading water. They have a way of doing things, and they show up every day and keep on kicking and paddling in order to keep their head above water. Sometimes, they swim forward a little, almost by accident. They get some more clients or close a big […]
  • Choosing a Platform For Your Online Course - I’ve been looking into a lot of the options for online course hosting, and there seems to be a new one popping up every week! It’s getting to be like e-mail marketing platforms, where there are literally hundreds to choose from. The good thing is that, if you are looking for basic functionality, a crowded […]
  • What Your Online Course Could Look Like - Having an online course or program can transform your business. It gives you something to offer everyone that comes your way. It allows you to work with lots more people without taking up all of your time. It’s a great funnel for your higher level work. And it brings more money to your business. On […]

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