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  • Simplify to Amplify Your Content - For some reason, when a lot of people sit down to create content, they turn into lawyers. They use big words and long sentences that they would never actually say out loud. It actually requires extra brain power to process what they are trying to communicate. That’s when you lose people! At a recent Downstream […]
  • Taking Meaningful Action - Productivity. Priorities. Planning. There are a lot of buzz words right now (and they all seem to start with the letter P!) that are intended to help us make the most of our time and efforts. But in all the buzz about how to get more done, there is surprisingly little talk about what, exactly, […]
  • Important vs. Urgent - Important vs. Urgent. How do you decide? According to, Important means of great significance or consequence, while urgent means compelling or requiring immediate action. Both demand your attention. Here are some examples of each: Urgent Items Meeting a crucial deadline for a key opportunity Dealing with a critical HR issue Responding to false online […]
  • What Are You Creating Next To Grow Your Business? - Creating new things leads to growth. Whenever I talk to business owners who want to grow their business, my question is “What are you creating to make that happen?” Many times, they don’t have an answer. Instead, they are just trying to do more of the same things. More meetings, more conversations, more sales, more […]
  • Growth Isn’t Linear - Have you ever seen the image where there are two ways to get from point A to point B? The first one is a long, winding, tangled line and the second is a nice, straight line? Whenever this image is used, it is to show that the second option is clearly better. It’s much shorter […]

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