Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to market your business online, but don’t have the “Content” that everyone keeps talking about? Perhaps you’ve dabbled in social media, you are trying to build your list (or at least thinking about it), but it’s not working as quickly as you would like. You are not alone!

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“It has been very easy to work with Sarah. She is very insightful and intuitive. Her own creativity encourages the creativity of others. She is able to see the vision even before I did and was able to convey what she saw to me. Her caring spirit and generous nature serve to guide her work and fuel her passion for success. I know my business would never be where it is today without her.” -Jim Stout, JDS Builders

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  • winning-content-game Winning The Content Game - I was at a great event in Milwaukee this morning, and one of the speakers talked about the difference between a “finite game” and an “infinite game.” Most of the games we think of are finite games. The goal is to win the game. There are usually some winners and some losers. There are rules […]
  • blog-overcome-obstacles Overcome Obstacles and Use What You’ve Got. - Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t have all the things you thought you needed in order to complete it? We all have! “I can’t shoot that video because I don’t have a high-quality wireless microphone.” “I can’t put up my website because I don’t have a logo that communicates my […]

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